Real activity of the kennel has begun in 1991 with first mating of the first female. Under the name "Kreal" in 1995 it was registered in RKF. However at a re-registration in FCI in 1997 the name was changed on "Sant Kreal".

The black female with a nickname Shlinpeik became the first dam of the kennel, she was born in 1989. Shlinpeik - very strong female, with excellent device of movement. Her character was above of any praises - courageous and social in a maximum degree.
She successfully participated on shows in 1990-94, repeatedly became the Winner, Best female, Best Of Breed. In 1991 she one of the first in Russia was trained under the program IPO-I and has passed examination with high parameters. Shlinpeik has given us four litters: from Versor In Spe (1991), Maglod Fantastik Alex (1993), Melvas-Muro v. Birkenhain (1994) and Hex Agbet (1996).

Many of her children became famous in Russia. Among them: Juenvil Kreal, Larnika Kreal, Lordelia Kreal, Lonsdeil Kreal, Reinberg Kreal, Rebekka Kreal, Rashel Kreal.

Larnika Kreal. Invincible on regional shows in 1994-95, she had inherited character of the mother and also perfectly worked. From Larnika we have received only two litters: from Irinus de Ferignis (1995) and Lord Lauder v. Hekendorf (1996). In the first litter many perfect dogs were born.

Kreal Amadey Astrid was sold in Belorussia, where became Belorussian and Lithuanian Champion. His excellent sisters: large, strong, with a perfect head Russian Champion Kreal Anflaisy Anikol and Kreal Alerta Anabel have influenced our further breeding.

Further we twice mated Anflaisy, and in one of her litters the new brown star Sant Kreal Skazka (from Hadar-Hosea v. Diaspora) was born. Skazka within several years was the stable brown leader on shows. She became Russian, Belorussian Champion and had given us two litters. Her daughter Sant Kreal Princessa Presto from Ardens Gauguin stayed in the kennel .

In the litter from Alerta-Anabel and Oken di Campovalano two remarkable brown females were born: Sant Kreal Franceska and Sant Kreal Fantasy Flaj. Franceska together with Skazka was shows leader and also became the Champion. And Fantasy became famous as a breeding female . Her son Sant Kreal Nikita from Sant Kreal Graaf Golden became one of the most successful Shows-males in St.-Petersburg.

Thus, Shlinpeik became main dog in a large family, which proceeds already in the top generations.

But there was a necessity to create a new progressive family. And in 1995 we have got very large, strong, with short body and remarkable character black female Legenda from combination: Graaf Quinton v. Neerlands Stam and Ami Cobra, which became the Champion of Russia and Belorussia, won CACIB and some CAC, successfully passed tests under the program IPO-I.

Legenda was mated three times: with Jivago v.h. Wantij (1997), with Flojdt v.h. Savelsbos (1999), with Paxiko v.h. Wantij (2000).
First Legenda's litter became really star. Actually from this litter has begun the "New Era" for "Sant Kreal". All five puppies from Legenda and Jivago became the famous Champions not only in Russia, but also abroad. All of them had large, strong, deep, short bodies , large beautiful heads and excellent working temperament.

Sant Kreal Nivago has begun his career with a victory on a World Championship in Helsinki (1998), subsequently becoming also International Champion, Champion of Russia, Ukraine. Sant Kreal Nikita (Russian Champion) also wasn't remained unnoticed on many shows. On Anniversary of the show IDC&DV (Garmich, Germany, 1999) in a strong and numerous open class, which was judged by six famous experts became Vice-Winner.

Then also honourable second place have got absolutely young daughter of Nivago - Sant Kreal Erato. And it was only her career beginning. Further Erato became one of the best brown females of Russia. Besides we have got from her some high quality puppies : Sant Kreal La-Gunna , Ladoga, Lirika (from Tamerlan iz Slavnoj Stai).

Thus, the dogs from Legenda and Jivago, actively used in breeding , in the subsequent generations gave Dobermanns of the highest quality.
Litters received by us from Champion Sant Kreal Novella and Champion Sant Kreal Nemesida Nora eloquently confirms it.

More than once shoned on the most prestigious shows Nemesida Nora's children are Champions Sant Kreal Alida, Anton, Ariel (from Tigr iz Slavnoj Stai ) and Multi Champion Monna Liza, Winners Sant Kreal Monarkh, Miroslav, (from Nestor iz Zoosfery).

Today priority of our breeding is the preservation of a short compact strong body , large plastic head and powerful working potential. And the leading role in it was taken by Novella .

Her children are embodiment of our ideas: Multi Champion Sant Kreal Baronessa Bravo , Champion Sant Kreal Bronzovy Budda (from Baron Nike Renewal ), Multi Champion and IDC&AIAD Jg Sg ' 2002 Sant Kreal Ziko , Champions Sant Kreal Zabava , Sant Kreal Zedan (from Matador v.d.Rauberhohle), Champion Sant Kreal Karmen (from Mauvieres Mufasa de Stang Zu). Young Novella's daughter Sant Kreal Sweet Simhpfony from Bombastic v.Hanseaten was delighting many of people, who had seen her.
Baronessa Bravo wasn't concede to the mother as a breeding female. Her litter from Matador v.d.Rauberhohle was exellent. Sant Kreal Rubinovaya Roza & Sant Kreal Rembrandt first became Milti Champions. We assigned high hopes to dogs from this litter.

At once has attracted attention of experts on breed harmonious and super strong brown Sant Kreal Ukrashenie , received by us in the first litter Karmen (from Sergius-Aleksandrija Rerikh). She became IDC Puppy Siegerin ' 2004. Are assured, it only the beginning of her loud career.

Received in last Legenda's litter: Sant Kreal Djordan, Daly, Djelsomino, Diva, Di Lady Di - also dog of an high class. They already loudly have declared themselves on Show and in trainings. Many from them became the Champions.

So the new family "Sant Kreal" was created.

Also we are proud of set of remarkable dogs received from ours males: from Nivago, Nikita, Tiger, Anton, Bronzovy Budda, Dali, Ziko, Zedan, Zoroastr, Monarkh, Rembrandt and others.

Such is a brief history of birth and development of Dobermann kennel "Sant Kreal". For this period we gradually have updated a genotype of our population; practically all our dogs have strong bones, deep massive body, correct device of movement and steady mentality.
And today all our ideas already far in the future. The new plans, new ideas, however invariable main: STABILITY and LAW, "thanking", instead of "contrary to"


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